Playing the Game


Game Play

This game is run on Roll20. Contact me if you are interested in playing. My players and I are always willing to help get new folks up to speed. roll20_logo.png


Specific rules to be aware of.

Besides the basic rules there are a few variations and add-ons that are in effect.

Attributes and Skill Defaults

Most skills in GURPS have default levels based on attributes. Those defaults are limited by the Rule of 20 (p. B173): if a basic attribute is higher than 20, skills default to it as if it were 20. This provides a measure of realism since they’re limited to 16 (for most Easy skills), 15 (for most Average skills), and 14 (for most Hard skills), which represents a high level of competence but not brilliance.

But some supers are universal geniuses, possessing many different skills at very high levels. Paying the points for all of them can get expensive! As an alternative, a GM might allow them to break the Rule of 20. Rather than setting it aside for everybody, this can be treated as an enhancement:

Cinematic Combat

Collateral Damage

Whenever an attack misses or is dodged, and whenever any area effect, cone, or explosion goes off, roll 3d6 on the Collateral Damage table. Only roll if there are bystanders or breakable objects present (on a busy street, inside the Secret Underground Fortress, etc.), and only if the attack could actually affect someone or something in the area. Even nonlethal attacks require a roll, though. An Affliction or Fatigue Attack can mean a lawsuit if it causes someone to stumble and break a tooth (or worse), and a “harmless” Binding might foul and damage delicate machinery.

Playing the Game

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