What was Then and What is Now

Super History

Supers first began to appear as early as World War II. Their existence neither confirmed nor denied by world governments. Some say the reason supers began to appear was because of the detonation of the world’s first atomic bomb. Whatever the reason, super heroes as well as super villains; seem to have balanced each other in the course of human events. It wasn’t until the cold war that governments began to employ super beings and even then only in secret. They believed that acknowledgement of supers would cause widespread panic. Recently, more and more persons with extraordinary abilities have come forward. So many that governments have had no choice but to acknowledge their existence. Several super groups have formed to help supers cope with their powers and use them to the benefit of all. There are of course, exceptions.

On the whole the occurrence of supers is about one per two million. That gives a world population of about 3000 supers. While this isn’t a great many, their numbers seem to continue to grow. Thus groups of super powered individuals have begun to form.

The Appearance of Supers

In 1931, the U.S. Navy pulled together Tesla and other top scientists into Project Rainbow at the University of Chicago to study the bizarre effects of Tesla’s Unified Field Theory research. Project Rainbow moved to Princeton in 1933, adding Einstein, John von Neumann, and Townsend Brown to the staff. Things were promising enough that the Department of the Navy moved ahead with a field test on the USS Eldridge in 1943.

A burst of energy momentarily moved the Eldridge into what was dubbed “UFT Space” or the Green Zone, leaving 15 sailors on the Eldridge superhuman. It was later determined that the energy burst unleashed superhuman potential across the eastern seaboard. Unfortunately this came too late for either supers or UFT technology to change the war’s outcome. The era of superhumanity was a post-war phenomenon, and superhumanity had little impact on history – especially because the “Majestic 12” (what the Eldridge superhumans were eventually dubbed after early deaths) was matched with a second Western European Green Zone experiment that created a superhuman balance of power.

The breach into “UFT Space” seems to have had worldwide consequences or it may be just that with the public appearance of supers in 1943 that being superhuman is publicly acceptable. Overall superhumans have not impacted the history of the world as it is known.

Universe History



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