GCA Settings


GURPS Character Assistant settings

The following is a step by step guide to making sure your settings are correct on GCA. This will ease character building and the horrible feeling of having to redo everything because the campaign does not allow that.

After installing GCA ensure you have the latest Data Set installed as well.

Step 1: From the Tools menu select Options GCA_SS2.png

Step 2: In the Options Dialog Window Click on the Data Sets Tab GCA_SS3.png

Step 3: If the files are not already loaded Click the Change & Load Files button GCA_SS5.png

Step 4: Click the Add button to add the following Data Sets in this Order: High-Tech, Powers, Power-Ups 3, Power-Ups 6, and Supers. Then click ok. It will outomatically load those files.


Step 5: In the Options Dialog Click the Default Character Options Tab. In Campaign options set TechLevel to “8”. Base starting points: “600”. Disadvantage Limit: “150”, Quirk limit: “5”. Click OK when finished.

GCA Settings

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