Collateral Damage

Modifiers: Lethal attacks: +2 for 10d damage, +4 for 100d damage, and so forth; +2 if incendiary or burning; +2 if area effect, cone, or explosion.

Nonlethal attacks (Affliction, Binding, Fatigue Attack, etc.): -8.

All attacks: +2 indoors; +2 in the presence of dangerous surroundings (rocket fuel, high-tension cables, etc.); +2 if the attacker is trying to cause collateral damage instead of attacking a specific target; -2 per -1 a cautious attacker accepts on his attack roll specifically to avoid collateral damage.

8 or less No appreciable damage
9-10 An object susceptible to the attack sustains $100 worth of damage, or a person is harmed badly enough to justify a $100 fine or lawsuit; e.g., a broken window or dented fender, or a minor graze or torn shirt.
11-12 Damages totaling $1,000; e.g., a broken computer or car windshield, or a loose tooth or permanent scar.
13-14 Damages totaling $10,000; e.g., a caved-in wall or totaled car, or a broken limb or other major injury.
15-16 Damages totaling $100,000; e.g., a house fire, a blast that shatters every window for a block, or a coma or similar injury that causes lasting harm.
17-18 Damages totaling $1,000,000; e.g., a multi-house fire, or serious injuries to many people. The GM might instead rule that a bystander is killed.
19 or more Damages totaling $10,000,000; e.g., a fire that consumes a city block, the destruction of irreplaceable lab equipment, multiple deaths, or a similar catastrophe.

Collateral Damage

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