Campaign Settings

Plot settings specific to this campaign


The characters will be part of a team sanctioned and supported by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The team is a part of the Special Operations Divion (SOD) of the Texas Rangers. In short the PC’s report to a Ranger Lieutenant who reports to the SOD commander who reports directly to the Governor of Texas. As the characters are essentially peace officers they will enforcing the law . However they are not Texas Rangers unless they meet the following requirements.

Some of the rquirements will preclude certain disadvantages if a character wants to be an actual Texas Ranger. Those are below:

Each applicant must be a citizen of the United States of America, in excellent physical condition, and have an outstanding record of at least eight (8) years experience with a bona fide law enforcement agency, engaged principally in the investigation of major crimes. The applicant must be currently employed with the Texas Department of Public Safety, in the position of a commissioned officer with the rank of at least Trooper II.

Applicant must have a background subject to a thorough investigation, which would reflect good moral character and habits. Applicant must possess a valid Texas driver’s license free of any restrictions that would compromise the applicant’s ability to perform his duties.

Certain disadvantages will preclude even being a peace officer. Even then they may be deputized on a case by case basis.

Characters that may not have legal enforcement powers:

  • If the character is a minor
  • Has a criminal Record
  • Not a U.S citizen


The story takes place in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Some missions/adventures may take place elsewhere. However the backdrop is the Marvel Universe


The story begins in present day. That is not to say that characters can be from another time, timeline, or another dimension even.

Tech Level

Tech level for this campaign is 8


Scale: I-scale +

I-scale + (divide by 1): All dice and results are run straight. As opposed to decade scale where numbers are divided by 10.

  • Maximum dice of Innate Attack or basic swing damage: 150d.
  • Maximum DR: 1,000.
  • Maximum Damage Reduction factor: 1000.
  • Maximum level of Super ST: 16 (+1000)†.

For reference see the Super Abilities Table in GURPS Supers p. 146

Note: Heroes at this level are comparable to tanks. p. S18

† For exceptions talk to the GM.

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