While this is not an all-inclusive list of perks available, below are some that would be very applicable to your hero.

Appearance Perks

These mundane perks shape your personal appearance. See Exotic Perks (PU 2: 9-12) for superhuman alternatives, Clothing Shticks (PU 2:14) for perks that influence how your clothing looks, and Social Perks (PU 2: 17-18) for perks that affect how others react to your social position rather than your looks.

  • Classic Features†
  • Forgettable Face
  • Honest Face
  • Passing Appearance†
  • Photogenic

Combat Perks

These are minor advantages for veteran warriors. Limited fighters to one combat perk per 20 points in combat, military, and/or police skills, and one extra perk per 10 points spent on the skills and techniques of a combative character template, fighting style, or similar abilities package that offers combat perks. Combat-effective perks from other categories – notably Shticks (PU 2: 14-15), Skill Perks (PU2: 15-17), and Unusual Background Perks (PU 2: 20-21) – count as combat perks for this purpose.

Acrobatic Feints Dual Ready† Pants-Positive Safety*
Acrobatic Kicks Exotic Weapon Training† Pistol-Fist*†
Akimbo*† Focused Fury* Power Grappling
Armor Familiarity†‡ Form Mastery† Quick-Sheathe†
Armorer’s Gift† Grip Mastery† Sure-Footed†
Clinch† Ground Guard Teamwork†
Combat Vaulting*† Huge Weapons†‡ Trademark Move†
Cotton Stomach* Improvised Weapons†
Dirty Fighting Neck Control†
Drunken Fighting* One-Armed Bandit*†

Equipment Perks

  • Doodad*‡
  • Equipment Bond†
  • Exotic Equipment Training†
  • Intuitive Repairman†
  • Supersuit*
  • Weapon Bond†

Exotic Perks

Exotic perks are subject to the restrictions on exotic advantages (p. B32). Typically, they have one of these explanations:

  • Cybernetics, genetic engineering, magical transformation, etc. What’s possible depends on the alterations available in your game world.
  • Racial templates for nonhumans, robots, etc. This doesn’t grant general access to exotic perks – just the ones on the template.
  • Superhuman powers; see Power Perks (p. 11).

Special Properties

The three symbols to indicate special properties of perks. For a full explanation see PU 2-4:
" * " – The perk is cinematic
" † " – The perk requires specialization
" ‡ " – The perk comes in levels


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