Game World

What is this world like?

In short it is the Marvel™ Universe. One can reference the Marvel Universe Wiki. This is the big picture. However, where needed I will provide more details about places, events, people, etc. However, (and that’s a big however) not everything is coming from Marvel™. I am not going to hold everything to a canon standard. It is simply for flavor, background setting, and story ideas.

Game Style

The style of game is explained below. This should help in building your character as well as understanding the campaign universe.


The heroes will be focused on fighting crime — especially street crime, as the name suggests. Yet the heroes may have fantastic powers and sometimes will deal with villains, the odd natural disaster, and alien invasions. Some examples are obviously Batman™, the X-Men™, and the Punisher™.


The action will be a blend of Four-Color, Cinematic, and Realistic. Some things are treated in a cinematic way. In this mode super attributes are possible. The use of deadly force is a real and dangerous thing. You should be encouraged to think tactically or suffer the consequences. There will be an emphasis on the emotional stresses of a life of combat and the toughness needed to withstand it. Characters may die.

Power Level

Moderate to Low-Power: 600 points. The heroes are better than any ordinary human being. Often individual human beings are no threat to them, and they can perform quite impressive feats. Some heroes may be bullet proof but not anti-tank missile proof. Keep that in mind if the Texas National Guard shows up.

Game World

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