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Currently there are no laws on the books that deal specifically with super human abilities. Most of the time law enforcement officials apply existing law to situations as they present themselves. Some examples are “aggravated assault” and “assault with a deadly weapon”; the weapon being whatever power was used in the incident. Villains as well as some heroes have been charged with crimes. Heroes, according to most government officials are not “above the law”. Currently, there is a bill under consideration in the U.S. Congress that will require supers to register with the government. The exact details are still being hammered out in committee.

Property damage is another problem when supers are slugging it out. The average person cannot cause a $9,000,000 worth of damage by themselves. So again lawsuits over collateral damage have been brought against upstanding heroes. Officially sanctioned heroes can and have been held liable for excessive damage. There are some things even the government frowns upon.

Civil rights are also under fire. Politicians have raised the issue of right to privacy not only for persons with super powers but those without. What if persons with super powers wish to remain private? What about supers that can read minds? All of these are concerns that everyone has.

Mutant Classification Levels

In order of increasing threat to public safety. The following are federal classifications of mutant humans (meta-humans.)

  • Zeta Level
    • The lowest level is home to latent mutants; humans whose children or grandchildren might end up being mutants but do not themselves classify as such.
  • Epsilon Level
    • Mutants possess very little to no special abilities and a mutation that extremely negatively effects on day-to-day life. Some mutants of this level are killed by their mutations. Others have somewhat monstrous appearances. 20% of mutants fall into this category.
  • Delta Level
    • Mutations bear no detrimental qualities. Delta level mutants appear, for the large part, to be ordinary humans. Individuals with highly specific powers are also placed in here, along with passive abilities (powers that are more traits than abilities. These are about 50% of mutants.
  • Gamma Level
    • A Gamma level has a harmful mutation coupled with superhuman abilities that are above average. Often these mutants are unable to ‘pass as human’, making it difficult for them to lead ordinary lives.
  • Beta Level
    • Beta Level mutants are pretty powerful beings, but they are minorly hampered by an aspect of their mutation in a fairly minor fashion- think Alpha level powers with a drawback. These drawbacks can be anything from slightly abnormal physical features (blue skin or fur, for instance) to the inability to turn their powers on or off at will.
  • Alpha Level
    • Alpha level mutants are very powerful individuals whose mutation features no significant drawbacks. Note that while Alpha mutants aren’t notably hindered by their mutation itself, they can possess other extraneous disabilities, impairments, and general encumberances. Note that this level also encompasses characters with abilities that are considered more powerful than average that have negative mutations, and therefore covers a very wide range of individuals.
  • Omega Level

Current Affairs

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