Character Construction (Game Mechanics)

Optional Rules in Effect

Attributes and Skill Defaults
But some supers are universal geniuses, possessing many different skills at very high levels. Paying the points for all of them can get expensive! As an alternative, a GM might allow them to break the Rule of 20. Rather than setting it aside for everybody, this can be treated as an enhancement (see below).

Super Attribute +25%

Applied to attributes or secondary characteristics, this modifier lets you disregard the Rule of 20 for skills that default from them. Apply the enhancement to attribute points in excess of 20; each point bought that way raises the limit for skill defaults by 1.



Here is a checklist to help guide you in building your character.

  • Basic Attributes and Secondary Characteristics. These affect almost everything else on your character sheet, so pick them first.
  • Build plus Age and Beauty. These sections describe the ingame effects of height, weight, age, looks, etc.
  • Social Background , Wealth and Influence , Friends and Foes , and Identities.
    • Determine what kind of society you are from, where you stand in the game world, how others regard you, and who you can count on for support – or for a knife in the back!
  • Advantages There are dozens of special talents and powers. Super Powers are considered advantages see building Super Powers.
  • Perks are special “mini-advantages” that can help individualize your character.
  • Disadvantages A wide variety of negative traits, from inconvenient to crippling are available as well as Mental disadvantages.
  • Quirks Are special mini-disadvantages, can help you define your personality.
  • Skills and Techniques. These abilities describe what you can actually do. Be sure to match your skills to your occupation and character type.

Aside from attributes, which you should normally select first, the order you work through these sections makes little difference . . . start with the one most important to you, and work from there.

Character point total may be no more than 600 points with the breakdown as follows.

  • Maximum Total Points: 600
    • Maximum Disadvantages: 150
    • Maximum Perks: 5
    • Maximum Quirks: 5


GURPS Character Assistant

In order to speed up and ease the character building process Steve Jackson Games published GURPS Character Assistant There are some settings that need to be tweaked in order for (GCA) to produce the best results for this campaign. They can be found here. GCA Settings

Character Construction (Game Mechanics)

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