Character Building

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The characters for this game need to “fit” into the world. They will need to have a heroic mentality. The characters need to be in keeping with the campaign style. These characters are not ordinary, they are extraodrinary. They have powers that can be used for the greater good and they realize that. These are people who are willing to take the risk and make the impossible possible. To quote Stan Lee

With great power there must also come … great responsibility!

Character Concept

All characters be they superheroes or the grumpy old man that lives in the apartment below have a central idea or “concept” upon which they’re built. That idea doesn’t have to be fully developed before grabbing a character sheet. Think of it as a starting point. As you build your character and leaf or scroll through the books something might jump out and spark an idea for a detail. One thing abundantly clear to comic trope is the origin story. That my friends is muy important. One other thing, the character has to fit into the campaign. This is where you (the player) and I (the GM) put our heads together. So make a few notes, ask questions, and get powered up.

Origins image004.png

It’s traditional for a super to have an origin–that is, a story of how he came to be a super. This story explains the source of his powers, and usually the nature of his most important abilities. It also explains his mission and code by showing the key experiences that shaped them. For better-written heroes these two are usually linked, either because the hero’s mission drove him to acquire his abilities in the first place, or because his abilities and his relation to their source gave him a special sense of purpose or personal destiny.

Super heroes in the game may come from many origins. Super hero origins need to have a plausible explanation; as in Spiderman’s origins, bitten by radioactive spider. Other examples might be magical, extradimensional, extraterrestrial, or whatever one can think of and explain.

The Venn diagram right illustrates how these origins are interrelated in the campaign, there are of course exceptions. Definitions of these origins can be found beginning p.179 GURPS Power book.

I have super powers. Now what?

The first step in becoming a super hero or heroine is deciding how you got that way. Some are born with it. Some have powers bestowed upon them by some higher power. Some become that way due to some accident or fate. Whatever the reason you have a story and need to build upon it as if it were a foundation. The more solid it is the stronger you will be for it.

So first and foremost you need to have a backstory. It should include the following

  • Where was he born and where did he grow up? Where does he live now?
  • Who were his parents? (Does he know?) Are they still alive? If not, what became of them? If so, does he get along with them?
  • What training does he have? Was he an apprentice? A student? Or is he self-taught?
  • What is his current occupation? What other jobs has he held?
  • What social class does he belong to? How wealthy is he?
  • Who are his friends? His enemies? His closest professional associates?
  • What were the most important moments of his life?
  • What are his likes and dislikes? Hobbies and interests? Morals and beliefs?
  • What are his motivations? Plans for the future?

Character Building

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