Gulf Coast Avengers

Session 7
Samurai Showdown

Session 7 Summary (04/09/16)

After the incident on the I-820 bridge over Lake Worth the heroes regrouped back and the Texas Ranger headquarters to analyze the evidence they had collected. Unfortunately, Road Rash had finals and wasn’t available.

Also Lt. Cortez introduced two new members to the team, Dave Yenlin aka ARMOR-Dillo and Oglaf of Asgard. Cortez went on to say that the new member still had some issues that needed to be worked out before being able to carry a GCA Badge. Otherwise he asked the team to welcome the new guys and show them the ropes.

Analysis of the materials collected revealed that some of the components had serial numbers and were made of a titanium tungsten alloy known as Tungsten Titanium Carbide. More research would be required to find out who was manufacturing machines with this alloy.

The team surmised that the target of the 820 incident was a van that was carrying some sort of technology and that was the target of the strange samurai robots.

Lt. Cortez and Officer Heller’s cell phones both rang at the same time. After several yes sirs Cortez announced there was a hostage situation at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Which incidentally had a special display of some recently discovered ancient technology. Ursus opened a mystic gateway to the museum and the heroes stepped through.

The scene at the museum:

After stepping from the mystic tunnel this was the scene. The FWPD and FW SWAT teams were on site, they had established a perimeter. The police Lieutenant on the scene upon seeing the heroes’ arrival approached. He said that their bullets had no effect upon the strange samurai robots.

Combat opened with Oglaf throwing a police cruiser at the line of robots closest to the museum entrance. Fortunately for the bots, the vehicle landed just short and to their left. They were unfazed by the violence, the Lt. however, was aghast. Yang went to do the same. A few of the cops close to her and the Lt. drew their weapons on the teenage heroine saying oh no you don’t. As this was happeing Doctor D was whipping up something special.

Ogalf lept at the first line of steel samurai disarming the bot, literally. The other heroes sprinted into the fight. Utter chaos ensued as robot katanas flashed and fists flew. A few seconds into the fight Dr. Durand grew to 150 feet tall bursting out of his clothing. Ursus also grew to a modest size as well.

Having made short work of the metal men, the team used another mystic tunnel to enter the museum foyer, whereupon they were beset by more robotic assailants. In a surprise move Dr. D used his alchemical wizardry and turned all of the bots he could see to piles of corrosion and rust.

Time to find the hostages. The heroes began searching the museum and immediately found more robots. They also saw Shogun, the mastermind of the heist. He was ensuring his prize was loaded safely in a cargo van.

Charging down the hallway Oglaf, Yang, and ARMOR-Dillo smashed their way through more samurai robots to reach Shogun. Oglaf threw a robot at the supervillain only to see it sliced in half by his massive katana. ARMOR was sliced deeply by Shogun’s weapon and retreated to attend to the hostages. Shogun continued his challenge of the team’s might. Meanwhile Shogun’s minions continued to move the ancient device out to the museum loading dock. Ursus used another mystic tunnel to get past Shogun. He grabbed ahold of the device, but like an army of ants the robots piled on beating the bear to near unconsciousness then picked him and their charge up and continued to load the device into the waiting van.


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