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The Gulf Coast Avengers is a campaign of heroes and villians in the South. That is not to say this will be an old fashioned Texas shootout. The campaign begins in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in present day. The backdrop is the Marvel univers. So there will be cameos on occaision. I will apologize in advance for anything that is not canon. I am using what I think are the most relevant bits first.​

​The main characters (your PCs) will be involved in a number of scenarios such as, stopping criminals, disaster relief, search and rescue, investigating strange occurrances, and so much more. Be advised there will be comic book trope (I have been working on monologues). But, don’t worry. There will also be plenty of non-trope intrigue, mystery, tongue in cheek humor, and adventure as well. What is most important to know is your character isn’t famous…yet. Those clowns in New York get all the headlines, talk shows, and lucrative endorsement deals. Hopefully, you wont have to save the entire world from certain death and enslavement at the hands of a villainous galactic dictator just to get some press.


Our story begins in the metroplex known as Dallas / Fort Worth. There are those among us who posess powers and abilities beyond imagining. But, thats not who is the center of the story. No our heroes have amazing powers and amazing abilities, what they lack is being famous. They dont have big PR Agencies or fan clubs. They are ordinary people with extrordinary powers.

Your story begins here.

If you are ready to put on your mask and slip into your supersuit then go here to get powered up. Character Building

The battle against the forces of evil starts here.


We use Teamspeak for in game voice interaction



Gulf Coast Avengers